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Get Rid Of Expired Medicine

Get Rid Of Expired Medicine


Don’t let your expired medicine take up space – learn the witty tricks to getting rid of it!

If you have a collection of pill bottles, ointment tubes, unfinished antibiotics, packages of gelpacks,capsules, tablets, caplets, and you feel they are cluttering your space, then continue reading to find out how to get rid of expired medicine around your home.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests pharmaceutical take-back programs that will safely dispose of unused or expired medicines. Your local pharmacies or government offices can tell you if such a program exists in your area.cluttered medicine cabinetGather the expired medication. If your medicine cabinet looks stuffed with drugs you don’t need anymore, then take this time to actually sort it out. If you see prescriptions which have expired, make sure you flush them asap and dispose them.

If you have medications you want to dispose of the medications but cannot be flushed. you will then need some sort of safe container to add them expired drugs. Use an empty coffee can, plastic bag, or plastic container. Make sure you can seal it. You should then seal the container. Use a heavy tape, like packing tape or duct tape, would work well to ensure that the container stays sealed, both while still in your possession or in the landfill. Just tape the heck out of the container. Baggie of expired pills over trash. Place the sealed container of medicines in the household trash. If your child or pet is prone to digging in the trash, take the garbage to the trash chute, outdoor trash barrel, or dumpster.