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How to Get Rid Of a Black Eye
From puffy to perfect: How to handle a not-so-fashionable black eye

How to Get Rid Of a Black Eye


From puffy to perfect: How to handle a not-so-fashionable black eye

As you go about your daily life, so do things that can damage you cosmetically. The things that are being referred to here are pimples, warts, blemishes, tumors, and the like. For you to regain your original beauty, these things must be handled with consistent appropriate care and patience. Same principle applies to a black eye. Of course, a black eye’s different from the rest of those unwanted body irritants. For one thing, a black eye is luckily not contagious. However, it could remain on your face for awhile if not treated properly. Below are tips on how to get rid of that black eye.
Ice, Ice, Ice
As soon as you get a black eye, apply an ice pack or zip-lock bag filled with ice (cubed or crushed). Simply place carefully onto the affected area. Don’t put any pressure on the black eye. Icing it will help reduce some pain and swelling, as well as prevent blood from filling the affected area. The more blood that fills the area below the eye, the more “black” it becomes. Apply ice periodically throughout the day for a full 48 hours.
black eye removalDon’t Blow
Avoid blowing your nose while the black eye is still existent, even if it has diminished tremendously. Blowing your nose with a black eye would result in pain and possibly an eye infection.
Before you go into rest, nap, or sleep mode, ensure that your head is elevated properly. Two pillows should suffice. Proper elevation of the head would allow blood flow to all parts of your body instead of just one.
Don’t take any drug that will thin your blood. Try not to rely on any medication. If anything then take acetaminophen for pain relief, not Tylenol or Aspirin. Other than that, ice, don’t blow the nose, and elevate your head whenever you lie down.