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How to Get Rid of a Mother-in-Law

How to Get Rid of a Mother-in-Law

The wonderful thing about being a newlywed is that you’re finally free from your mother-in-law! Sure, she seemed nice enough when you first met her. She complimented you on your wedding suit/dress and cried at the ceremony. But soon you realized there was something off about her. You just couldn’t put your finger on it…

This article will show you how to get rid of her for good! Just follow these simple steps:

1.) Convince everyone it’s not working out between your spouse and his/her mom.

Start complaining to anyone who’ll listen about what a horrible person she is, how she steals food from the fridge and leaves messes everywhere, how she won’t do an ounce of housework – anything that can paint her in a bad light.

This will also make your spouse resent his mother for driving you two apart, so he’ll be happy to help!

2.) Never invite her over at all.

If she tries to visit, claim the house is too small and there isn’t enough room for another person. This won’t work forever, but it’s an easy escape plan that will buy you time until your next move.

3.) Stop inviting her to family events.

Brazenly suggest brunch with just the two of you so she can meet up with some of your friends instead – after all, they’re way more important than your mother-in-law! Eventually she’ll stop coming around altogether because she knows no one likes her.

4.) Get rid of any trace of her in your home, ASAP.

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If she gave you a wedding present, sell it online and put the money towards something you actually want. Throw out the cards she sent, too – she shouldn’t have wasted postage on you anyway! You can also throw away or sell any items that remind you both of her. If that’s not possible, just pack them away in a box for now until everything is back to normal between you two.

5.) Find new friends who are very different from mother-in-law herself.

Talking up how great your friend Helen is will make your spouse appreciate what he/she has in his life even more…. And hopefully this will make them wonder why their mother doesn’t like you!

6.) Wean yourself off of your spouse.

The last thing you want is to be married and still rely on his mom’s love and approval. This eliminates any reason for them to spend time together, so they’ll grow apart naturally. And once she’s out of the picture, your husband won’t have anyone in his life who cares about him besides you!

There you have it: six steps that will help you get rid of your mother-in-law forever! Of course, this is just an article – but maybe with a little luck, it can convince everyone around you that she isn’t really such a nice person after all. At least then no one will miss her when she’s gone!