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How to Get Rid Of a Sore Throat
Silencing Your Sore Throat: Rest and Drink on

How to Get Rid Of a Sore Throat


Silencing Your Sore Throat: Rest and Drink on

Many people get sick throughout the world every day. You can be healthy and still get sick by coming in contact with someone else. Sometimes, being sick is inevitable. There are those who have allergies, while others get the flu annually. Whether you have allergies or the flu, they’re more than likely to be accompanied by a sore throat. Some people don’t concern themselves too much with a sore throat and remain to be out and about with cough drops. While cough drops do soothe the throat, a sore throat is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. Get rid of a sore throat for good with the advice listed below.
Rest, Rest, Rest
The general rule of thumb for helping brush sickness off is plenty of rest. Try not to move around too much or do any strenuous activity. Resting will provide time for your body to do what it can to fight off the sore throat.
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Hot Tea
Hot beverages actually soothe a sore throat rather than cause any kind of inflammation. Hot green tea would be best against a sore throat. Tea is widely recognized for it’s healthy properties. Wait for the tea to cool down a bit before drinking. Try a teaspoon of honey with your hot green tea to increase the effect and soothe your throat further. Pair your hot tea with hot chicken noodle soup. Alternate with saltine crackers. Be sure to chew thoroughly and carefully swallow.
Give Your Voice A Break
Try not to speak at all. Doing so will aggravate your sore throat. If you need to tell someone something, then text them or write it down on paper.
Throat Lozenges
There will be times when you need to cough. If you do, then let it out. Don’t hold it in, for matters may become worse for you. Purchase a pack or bag of Halls to suppress coughing. Take it in accordance to the directions on the package. Never pop a throat lozenge while you’re eating and/or drinking your tea.
Follow these methods altogether daily until your sore throat is gone completely. In addition to not drinking scorching hot beverages, don’t drink ice cold beverages either. Liquids that are ice cold would agitate your sore throat as well.