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How to Get Rid Of Rats
Say Goodbye to Unwanted House Guests with these Witty Rat Control Methods!

How to Get Rid Of Rats


Say Goodbye to Unwanted House Guests with these Witty Rat Control Methods!

The world is saturated with pests. You have termites threatening furniture, grasshoppers and crickets damaging crop fields, bed bugs irritating you while in sleep mode, and ants and roaches scavenging for food in your home. These are only to name some. This pest in particular made a name for itself in New York, due to its exceptional and intimidating size. It’s so distinguished from other types of rat that it was dubbed “the New York rat.” This kind of rat remains to don this nickname to this day, as they can  still be spotted in New York City. Unfortunately, rats can be anywhere, especially in your home. But, when there’s a pest, there’s a way to be rid of them. In fact, there are usually numerous ways to take care of a pest problem.
Rat Trap
The most common form of rat control. While rat traps may still be effective today, their effectiveness can be heightened. Set the cheese aside and experiment with peanut butter. A majority of pests are fond of foods that smell rat-trapand/or taste sweet. Accompany the rat trap with a thread or thready material such as dental floss. Rats are actually quick enough to escape the rat trap’s grasp. The thread or dental floss will hold them long enough to be caught.
Rat Poison
There’s a nice variety of “rat killers” available to you at your local Home Depot or Walmart. Be sure to read the included directions of use. To be safe, don’t allow children and pets to come in contact with the rat poison, even if the product claims to be safe.
Seal Them Off
Any sized hole in walls or floors would suffice for rats to crawl through. Rats are capable of chewing their way through even the smallest of holes. Scan every wall in your home for holes or cracks. This includes bathrooms and behind the refrigerator. Seal the hole with wire containing a defense mechanism (spikes) and carefully surround it with sealant.
One important thing to keep in mind is clean up thoroughly after eating. Any trace of food will attract rats. And of course, take out the garbage 1-2 x daily or as needed. These are general rules of thumb for dealing with any kind of pest.