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How to Get Rid Of Headaches and Anxiety

Creating Lavender Lemonaide, from Lavender oil, is a great way to utilize the amazing medicinal properties of lavender. Lavender helps calm the senses and and is an incredible source to use for your own health and wellness. Having this oil at home...

How to Get Rid Of Brain Freeze

A Brain freeze is when you swallow and eat somethig very cold really fast.  It can cause you headaches and we have conducted a list for you to follow so you can prevent brain freeze. Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth. This will warm...

How to Get Rid Of a Headache

Time to time, we experience pain. Any part of our bodies are prone to any kind of pain; throbbing, sharp, constant, or inconsistent. A particular part of the body where pain is most commonly present is the head. This kind of pain is famously dubbed...


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