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How to Get Rid Of an Ex-boyfriend

How to Get Rid Of an Ex-boyfriend

A man and woman fall in love after a few dates. The two persons both agree that they have chemistry and are good for one another.They officially become boyfriend and girlfriend. Things go well for the newly couple for a year or two. There’s an end to a majority of relationships. And so the aforementioned man and woman reach theirs. But, the boyfriend didn’t want a break-up. A boyfriend that didn’t want to break-up in the first place is more than likely to continue pursuing his now ex-girlfriend. There are ways of getting rid of an ex-boyfriend.
Opt For New Phone Numbers And Email
This is the first thing that you should do. Cutting off verbal means of communication will make your life much easier knowing that ex-boyfriend of yours can’t call or text you any more. Call your cell phone company as soon as possible to have your cell phone number changed. Change your house phone number as well. For maximum protection against your ex, register for a new email address. It’s free and will only take a minute.
ex-boyfriend removalSaturate Your Weekly Schedule
Consistently having a busy schedule every week will help neglect your ex-boyfriend, who’s still being persistent. Eventually, he will get tired of pursuing you and will stop. Then there are guys who won’t. It all comes down to who they are. The next method will guarantee protection from guys who won’t give up.
Restraining Order
View this method as a last resort. If your ex-boyfriend’s still showing up at your frint door or somehow finding out where you go, then warn them that you’ll file a restraining order if they continue to pursue you. Verbally warning them, alone, will most likely work. If it doesnt, then you know what to do.