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How to Get Rid Of an Ex-girlfriend
Breaking up can be hard, but getting rid of your clingy ex isn't. Here's how to do it.

How to Get Rid Of an Ex-girlfriend

Breaking up can be hard, but getting rid of your clingy ex isn’t. Here’s how to do it.

Ex-boyfriends can be a drag. They won’t get over the fact that their ex-girlfriend broke up with them by going the extra mile to stalk or wait at their doorstep for an audience. Some may even not rest until they get their ex’s new contact information. Ex-girlfriends are just as capable of being obsessive. Your girlfriend’s physically and mentally attractive, yet she is the clingy and jealous type. You tried to sit her down to discuss this matter, but she continues to act in the same fashion. So you break up with her. But, this turns out to not be the end for you. There are ways of getting rid of your ex-girlfriend for good.
Change Your Contact Information
This should be done immediately. Change your cell phone number to no longer receive calls or text messages from your ex-girlfriend. This includes email. Get a new email address. It’s easy and won’t take long to set yourself up for a new one.
ex-girlfriend removalOccupy Your Mind
Keep your mind busy by filling up your schedule with events whenever possible. Attend a yoga class after work. On Friday night, plan something with a group of friends. As for Saturdays, go to the beach with the same group of friends or a different one. You may alternatively discover new interests and hobbies. The key is maintaining distance and not giving any kind of attention to your ex-girlfriend’s continuous calls, emails, and texts.
If you happen to see your ex in public and she acknowledges you, then just say a friendly “hi” or “hello.” Don’t update them on your life. Keep the conversation short and simple. Tell your ex in a firm and straightforward manner why you broke up with them and that you wish to be left alone, only if she broaches the subject.
Restraining Order
As a last resort, file a restraining order against your ex-girlfriend. This is assuming that you two already encountered one another and you explained to her how you felt. Once a restraining order’s filed, your ex must comply and honor it. Violating a restraining order means severe consequences.