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How to Get Rid Of a Bad Tattoo
How to break up with a bad tattoo - it's not you, it's me!

How to Get Rid Of a Bad Tattoo

How to break up with a bad tattoo – it’s not you, it’s me!

Body modifications date back way before our time, beginning with ancient tribes. Eventually, body “mods” became increasingly popular. Today, there’s a considerable amount of body mod enthusiasts. Society contains groups where body modifiers or those who just hold an interest congregate. They may also support one another. Body modifications can also be cultural, aside from simply being an interest. A tattoo is a very common form of body modification in present society. There are two types of tattoos; henna and permanent. Henna tattoos are temporary. As for the other type, one must be careful with what they want on their body. There are ways of getting rid of a tattoo if it ends up being a bad one.
Consult With Your Tattoo Artist
Whoever worked on your “tat” should have some knowledge on how to get rid of a bad tattoo, whether it takes weeks, months, or a year. If anything, then they can provide you with a name of a doctor or two (maybe even a list) that can be of further assistance.
Over-the-counter Items
bad tattoo removalThere are much more expensive avenues to take to get rid of a bad tattoo. First, consider using a skin care cream that contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid penetrates and exfoliates the skin. If the skin care cream containing glycolic acid doesn’t work, then try one that contains alpha hydroxy acid. Remember to use these products in accordance with the instructions that come with them.
Chemical Peel Treatment
Chemical peeling will gradually eat away a tattoo. Although there are over-the-counter chemical peel products available for you to buy, it might be best if chemical peel treatment is administered by a dermatologist. Consult with one for more information. Multiple chemical peel treatment sessions will most likely be required for a tat to be gone.
The most costly route to take is surgery. If you have the money, then you may want to get right into this method. Types of surgery that you can choose from to remove that bad tattoo are skin grafting and laser. While these guarantee the removal of a bad tattoo, scarring may occur and some complications may arise. Consult with a doctor for more information.