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How to Get Rid Of Bleach Stains from Carpet

How to Get Rid Of Bleach Stains from Carpet

Get Rid of Blanc No More: Learn How to Erase Accidental Bleach Stains from Your Carpet!

If you accidentally splash bleach on your carpet, you’ll need to act fast. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Blot the bleached spots with a wet cloth.  Don’t rub it, as this could make the stain worse.
  2. Next, mix the one teaspoon of mild dish soap in a cup of warm water and pour the solution over the stain.
  3. Allow it to sit for five minutes before rubbing it with a cloth or sponge.
  4. Work from the outside-in to avoid spreading the bleach to other areas of the carpet.
  5. Use a clean, wet cloth to absorb the soapy solution. You’ll need to rinse the cloth and repeat the process a couple more times to ensure you get all the soap out.
  6. Layer white paper towels or a small, white cloth on the site of the stain to absorb the excess moisture. Weigh them down with a heavy, non-staining object like a ceramic bowl and let them sit overnight.
  7. Once the carpet is dry, vacuum the section to restore its original texture.

Alternatively, you could use two tablespoons of white vinegar in place of the dish soap and proceed using the steps outlined above. If this technique still doesn’t work and the bleach stain is still visible, consider using a crayon that closely matches the color of your carpet to color in the fibers. Blend in the color using a wet towel until it looks even. Leave it to dry and vacuum it afterward.