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How to Get Rid Of Cookies
Satisfy your sweet tooth, not your online footprints - learn how to get rid of cookies!

How to Get Rid Of Cookies

Satisfy your sweet tooth, not your online footprints – learn how to get rid of cookies!

Cookies are great. If you’re a kid, then you earn them after eating your broccoli and leaving no traces behind. And those who are diabetic aren’t left out (sugar free cookies). The taste of cookies are generally favorable, and everyone loves em’! We wish that the same thing could be said with internet cookies. There is one thing that you may find tasteful of internet cookies. Internet cookies is stored data. This data includes any online activity you commenced. If you were to delete this data, then you’d have to re-enter login information and web pages would take longer to load. As much as internet cookies possess this tasteful trait, they can do much more harm than good.
Internet Explorer
To get rid of cookies in Internet Explorer, open up the brower itself. In the brower, click on the icon that resembles a cog. It’s right next to the star icon. Then, click on “Internet options.” Next, click the “Delete” button under the “Browsing history” section. Another window (Delete Browsing History) will pop up. Check the box where it says “Cookies and website data.” Finally, click “Delete.” For older versions of IE, Internet options can be accessed by clicking on “Tools.”
Firefoxcookies removal
Open up Firefox. As soon as it’s opened, position the mouse up to the navigation bar, where you’ll find the url address box and refresh button. Right-click and select “Menu Bar.” This will reveal a traditional-style drop-down menu on the top left corner of the browser. Click on “Tools” and “Clear Recent History.” A “Clear All History” window will pop up. In the “Time Range To Clear” drop-down, select “Everything.” This is recommended. Ensure that the “Cookies” box is checked and click “Clear Now.”
Google Chrome
Click on the three bold line icon. It can be found at the top right corner in the browser, below the red “X” button and to the right of the star icon. Hover your mouse over “Tools” and click on “Clear browsing data….”Be sure that the box next to “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data” is checked. You might want to have the following checked as well: clear saved passwords, clear saved Autofill form data, and clear data from hosted apps.