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How to Get Rid Of Dust
Going for the weekend sun and fun, but dust says 'no way' before you've begun? Check out our tips on how to get rid of that irritating little nuisance!

How to Get Rid Of Dust

Going for the weekend sun and fun, but dust says ‘no way’ before you’ve begun? Check out our tips on how to get rid of that irritating little nuisance!

The weekend is finally here. Ever since Monday and on, you planned on not doing anything but relaxing at home and reading a book along with a glass of red wine by the pool as you bask in the sun. And, maybe go shopping after. Your weekend is ruined as soon as you notice that dust is invading your home. You notice that the blinds have cobwebs and the entertainment area has dust bunnies zooming within its confines. The place needs some serious dusting. It may cut into your weekend or day off, but getting rid of dust is a must!
It’s Mostly In The Furniture (and vacuum)
Couches and chairs that are composed of any material other than leather is more prone to harboring dust. If you can afford to, then replace whatever furniture’s not leather with leather furniture. Otherwise, do so at a gradual pace (buy one piece of leather furniture once a month and so on). If you wish to stick with your current furniture, then you may have to dust current furnishings twice a week. Besides that, once a week is sufficient. Consider replacing drapes with blinds. They’re easier to clean and don’t take long to do so. When vacuuming, be sure to get the edges and corners of the entire room. Don’t forget to vacuum under beds too!
dust removalInspeaking of flooring, it’s best that you have hardwood floors. Like blinds, they’re much easier to clean and don’t take up much of your time. Carpets and dust share the same relationship that non-leather furniture and dust have.
Don’t Sweep. Mop.
You can sweep the dust into a dust pan all you want. One way or another, some of that dust will escape into the air and land back onto the floor. Instead, mop up the dust. Dip the mop into the bucket filled with water and squeeze some of that water out of the mop. All that you need is some water to help pick up that dust.
De-clutter Your Home
Get rid of things that you don’t need, whether they’re stored or have been laying around out in the open the whole time. Clutter serves as a home for dust. Organize whatever items you wish to keep. Basically, tidy up your home. Maintaining this kind of lifestyle will contribute greatly to getting rid of dust.
When dusting, be sure to be thorough. If you need to dust tall furniture, then start from the top. Take a break or two when desired. Just don’t forget about that dust!