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How to Get Rid Of Food Poisoning
Food poisoning got you down? Here's how to kick it to the curb and get back to chowing down.

How to Get Rid Of Food Poisoning

Food poisoning got you down? Here’s how to kick it to the curb and get back to chowing down.

You can never trust people that handle your food. Whenever you eat outside of your home, you’re risking your life. It’s one thing for a restaurant to say that they prioritize food safety and has every staff member acknowledge the importance of food safety, but it’s another to not give action to those words. Many people fall victim to food poisoning annually. Fortunately, this is something that doesn’t linger for days or weeks and goes away within a 48-hour time frame. Here’s how to expedite that or make you feel at ease as food poisoning gets eliminated from your body. Info on how to avoid food poisoning is included as well.
Ensure That Your Order’s Fully Cooked
This excludes sushi. If you order something such as steak, chicken, or a burger, then inspect it before you consume it. Cut open your meat/poultry order to see if the inside is cooked. You can easily tell if your order’s cooked properly or not (too much redness).
Rest and Hydrate
eliminating food poisoningFood poisoning can make you become extremely fatigued. Rest as much as possible while sipping on water. Alternate wth Gatorade and ginger ale. Be sure that ginger ale contains real ginger and isn’t artificially flavored. Remember to sip. Hot green or chamomile tea may also help you tolerate food poisoning symptoms.
Work Your Way Back To A Normal Diet (slowly)
Eat foods such as salted crackers, toast, and soup for as long as food poisoning is in your system. Also, don’t take any over-the-counter medications, or medications of any kind. While they are aimed at relieving the symptoms of food poisoning, they’re redundant in this case.
Another cause of food poisoning is cross-contamination. Store uncooked meat and poultry separately from other foods. Furthermore, wash your hands after handling undercooked meat and poultry and sanitize food prep areas after you’re done.