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How to Get Rid Of Foot Odor

How to Get Rid Of Foot Odor

Got smelly feet? Follow this simple guide on how to get rid of foot odor!

Body odor is one of the first things that people notice about one another. It’s difficult to miss. Armpits help serve as the forefront for representing your overall scent. Your feet may also play a role in this, especially if you wear flip-flops, heels, or slipper shoes. Even if you wear sneakers or footwear that doesn’t reveal your feet, you’re still susceptible to foot odor. Foot odor can potentially be a serious issue. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of foot odor.

Wash and Baby Powder

Foot odor is more than likely linked to improper or lack of feet-washing. After you’re done washing everywhere else in the shower, thoroughly wash the top of both feet with soap and warm water. Don’t forget to wash underneath the feet and in between the toes. Once you’re done, dry your feet completely. Then, apply some baby powder on your hands and rub down each foot with the powder. Following both of these methods in conjunction with one another will maximize the removal of foot odor.

Wear Clean Socks At All Times

This includes whenever your socks get wet. Wet socks lead to moisture and moisture welcomes bacteria with open arms. Other than that, change your socks out for clean ones at least once daily or as needed. If you’re a runner, or like to run/jog for exercise, then remove the socks you wore during and put them in the dirty laundry bin.

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Air Them Out

Air out your feet whenever you can. By doing this, you’re keeping you feet dry and cool. The best opportunity to do this is while you’re sleeping. Before you sleep, ensure that you’re not wearing socks.

Alternate Shoes

Wearing one pair of footwear repeatedly will eventually moisten the inside of it. In turn, bacteria will find their way in your shoes or sneakers. Have an extra pair of footwear or two on-hand and wear a different pair each day. Store footwear that isn’t being worn. Allow 24 hours for footwear to dry up.
When cleaning your socks, turn them inside-out to effectively wash any moisture and/or bacteria that may be present. You may also wash your shoes. If none of the tips above work, then see a doctor for further help.