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How to Get Rid Of Armpit Sweat

How to Get Rid Of Armpit Sweat

There are some things in this world that may embarrass us. Things such as pimples on the forehead, big red blemishes on one cheek, and warts are just to name a few. Joining the gang is armpit sweat. Sweating is natural when exerting energy while exercising, working outdoors, or being involved in outdoor activities such as volleyball or playing in a park. People can also sweat easily due to hot climate or simply being out in the sun. For others, it can be a medical issue. There are things which can be done to get rid of armpit sweat.
Looser Clothing
Possibly the quickest and most easiest method of resolving an armpit sweat issue is wearing looser clothing. The skin has pores which need to breathe, just like how we breathe through our mouths and noses. The tighter the clothing, the less of an opening pores have to breathe. Buy looser clothing if you don’t have any in your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be baggy loose, but rather slightly loose at least. Be sure that the material is cotton.
armpit sweat removalDeodorant
Deodorant technology has come such a long way that there’s even more of a variety of deodorant available today. Ensure that the deodorant you usually buy and use is composed of at least 12% aluminum chlorohydrate. If it’s not, then look into another brand that is composed of at least 12% aluminum chlorohydrate. And if the new deodorant doesn’t solve your armpit sweat problem, then get a deodorant that has a higher concentration of aluminum chlorohydrate (greater than 12%).
Baking Soda
It’s said that baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, can be utilized as deodorant. Apply a small amount of water to a powder-puff or a small brush and dip into a bowl of corn starch. Apply the corn starch to your armpits, followed by a powder-puff worth of baking soda. You can still use your aluminum chlorohydrate-based deodorant in conjunction with this method.
Armpit sweat can be very embarrassing when in public. With these tips, you’ll get rid of armpit sweat in no time. In addition to the tips listed above, stress can trigger armpit sweat. Try and reduce stress to avoid sweating under the pits. If none of the tips help, then your case may be a bit more sever. Consult with a doctor immediately.