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How to Get Rid Of Brain Freeze

How to Get Rid Of Brain Freeze
A Brain freeze is when you swallow and eat somethig very cold really fast.  It can cause you headaches and we have conducted a list for you to follow so you can prevent brain freeze.
Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
This will warm up your upper palate and reduce blood rushing to your brain.
Press your thumb on the roof of your mouth.
Press on your upper palate of your mouth to make it warm so it can counterreact with the brain freeze.
Use your breath.
Cover your face with yours hands, and blow air in your hands.  Then breathe it in again slowly .  This will warm up your mouth again to counter react against the brain freeze.
Drink Tea 
Warm tea or water in room temperature will help you reduce brain freeze.
Take smaller bites of the cold item.
Instead of eating it fast.  Play around with it in your mouth until it gets to same temperature before swallowing
Spit the cold food from your mouth.  To stop your brainfreeze then spit out the cold part of the food you have in your mouth.
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