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How to Get Rid Of Common Stains on Clothes

How to Get Rid Of Common Stains on Clothes

You can save money and your time by saving your favorite clothes from any common stains. There are home made methods which can help you remove these stains.
Yellow Sweat
These Wet patches that form on clothes after sweating can result in yellow stains around the armpits on white shirts. When he body’s natural oils, mix with the deodorant, it will cause a yellow stain on the armpit area of the shirt.
Blood Stains
are hard to remove if they have dried up. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to the area of the blood stain. it’s much easier to remove than after it has dried.
Ring around the collar
Dead skin cells and oils can get trapped around the neck and collar cuffs on dress shirts creating a ring around the collar, basically a dirty collar.
As one of the most powerful cleaning agents, chlorine bleach is almost an impossible stain to remove from color clothes. Other than discarding the damaged garment, the alternative is to try to blend the original fabric color into the stain.
Oils from food and many commonly used products are relatively easy to remove.
Pasta Sauce
Removing a spaghetti sauce stain isn’t a complicated process.
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