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How to Get Rid Of Cough

How to Get Rid Of Cough


Stop Bugging Friends with Your Never-Ending Coughs: How to Finally Get Some Relief

The reason why you have a cough is due to irritants in your throat and airway. This is common, but could but could be very aggravating if it lasts for a long time. To get rid of a dry cough or to get rid of a wet cough will surely bring you some comfort and will save you from weird stares in social situations.

A cough can be either dry or wet. A wet cough normally produces fluid or, as most people call it, phlegm. It can appear yellowish or greenish, which is a sign of a bacterial infection. A dry cough usually does not produce this kind of fluid. It can be very irritating to the throat though and could be a sign of a viral infection.