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How to Get Rid Of Data on a Samsung Galaxy Note Ii

How to Get Rid Of Data on a Samsung Galaxy Note Ii

Like all other technological-based companies, Samsung started off simple and small. This company actually manufactured a computer of their own, although it wasn’t in competition with the Mac by Apple Inc. Samsung’s computer was only available in Korea, yet it showed what the company’s capable of doing. Cell phone technology is all about smartphones and android phones. Today, Samsung’s latest cell phone “phablet,” the Samsung Galaxy Note II, is a hit. As a person uses one, it stores personal info and data. There is a way of getting rid of data on a Samsung Galaxy Note II if the user ever wishes to do so.
Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone Forever
Similarly to all other electronic devices, data can’t be retrieved once it’s wiped from a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Data may include contacts, e-diaries, notes, reminders, apps, photos, and videos. Therefore, you may want to consider backing up data first before going right into wiping the Samsung Galaxy Note II clean. This can be done by connecting the Samsung Galaxy Note II to the computer via the USB cable that came with the product. Once the device is connected and the computer “reads” it, refer to “My Computer” to locate the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Double click on it to bring up a window showing the files that are contained within the device.
samsung galaxy note II data removalCreate a new folder on your hard drive or desktop and copy and paste desired data into the folder you’ve just created. To back-up contacts, access the contacts menu to display contact info of others that was manually stored. Then, select the menu key and press “Merge with Google.” Select the menu key again and press “accounts.” Note that a Google account is required for this method of backing up contacts to work. Having a Google account is free.
The Process
Press on the “Applications” icon at the main menu screen. It’s located at the bottom of it and is the very last icon. Then, press on the “Settings” icon which resembles a cog. At the very bottom is the “Back up and reset” option. Select this, followed by “Factor data reset” under the “Personal Data” category. Carefully review this screen, especially the “Format USB storage” option. If the box next to this option is checked and you press the “reset device” button, then any music, photos, and videos that was on the device will be erased along with everything else. Uncheck the box to prevent this from happening. After pressing the “reset device” button, you’ll be asked one more time to confirm that you want to wipe the Samsung Galaxy Note II clean. Press “erase everything” and leave the device alone to do its thing.
In the back up and reset menu, there’s an option available that backs up app data, passwords, and other similar data to Google. While this may be very convenient, it’s vital to review Google’s privacy policy and be cautious.