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How to Get Rid Of Diarrhea
Flush those Butt-Muddy Blues away: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Diarrhea!

How to Get Rid Of Diarrhea


Flush those Butt-Muddy Blues away: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Diarrhea!

There are a number of things that attack the body that many people tend to confuse with one another. Allergies and colds, for example, have similar symptoms. Respectively, someone who has a cold may think that it’s just allergies, until a day or two pass and they turn out to still be sick. Food poisoning and diarrhea are similar as well, in a way where food poisoning is accompanied by diarrhea. However, other symptoms may follow simultaneously. With diarrhea, though, it happens! A person who can’t handle dairy, yet accidentally consumes dairy, will get diarrhea. Other causes of diarrhea are viruses, bacteria, and IBS. Diarrhea is nothing that can’t be gotten rid of.
Identify The Foods
Diarrhea occurs almost immediately after eating a certain food. Pay close attention to what foods you eat and take into account the number of times you had to go to the bathroom right after you ate a certain food. Once you rule out the diarrhea-causing food, eliminate it entirely from your diet.
diarrhea removalA sign that a case of diarrhea’s coming your way is feeling as though there are cramps around the pelvic area. There are a fair amount of over-the-counter medications that help relieve diarrhea symptoms.
Whenever you have to go, you lose a great deal of water and salt. Hydration is vital when it comes to diarrhea. Drink nothing but water and Gatorade/Powerade to replenish what you lose. Alternate between the two, whereas you drink an 8 oz. cup/bottle of water and a bottle of Gatorade/Powerade after.
Eat Anti-Diarrhea Foods
Salted crackers, toast, and soup are known to be a diarrhea victim’s staple for as long as diarrhea persists. Eat these foods, and these foods only for a whole day. Try eating normally the day after. Don’t start too heavy. Start off with a bowl of cereal and work your way up.
Avoid fried and fatty foods while you’re in day one of having diarrhea and in recovery mode. Alcohol’s also a big no no. If diarrhea is still existent after a maximum of two days, then see a doctor for further assistance.