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How to Get Rid Of Excessive Face Sweat
Stop the Drip: Tips for Managing Excessive Face Sweat

How to Get Rid Of Excessive Face Sweat


Stop the Drip: Tips for Managing Excessive Face Sweat

Sweating is natural. Although it may be embarrassing, sweating is inevitable for the most part. You can stand still out in the sun and still sweat. Underarm sweat is more than likely to occur first, followed by facial sweat. Whether you’re bald or have long hair, you’ll have facial sweat. Like your underarms, the dome of your head and face have pores which need to breathe. There are people whose faces sweat excessively. Lets see what can be done to get rid of excessive face sweat.
Cold Water Treatment
As the body perspires, it cools down. Wash your face once or twice daily with cold water. This will help reduce the need for the pores on your head to secrete sweat. Have a cloth on-hand and gently wipe off any sweat as you go about your day. As much as it may be embarrassing, it’s even more embarrassing to wear excessive face sweat.
excessive face sweat removalFacial Wipes
Not regular face/hand wipes, but wipes that contain aluminum chlorohydrate (an ingredient that’s in deodorant) may help wth excessive face sweat. Try Maxim Sensitive Wipes. There’s also deodorant which can be applied onto the face. Consult with a doctor first for advice and more information on this.
It’s said that botox helps with abnormal armpit sweating by blocking the nerve system from sending signals to the sweat glands. As a result, sweat secretion comes to a halt or gets reduced significantly. Consult with a doctor first before taking this route.
Nervousness and Stress Reduction
Ever seen cartoons where characters become nervous, stressed, or frightened and they sweat? Nervousness and stress can, indeed, be linked to excessive face sweat. A therapist would be your best bet in reducing nervousness and stress.
In addition to these tips, exercising regularly (3-5 times a week) may help with excessive face sweat. Exercising helps regulate pores and promotes overall good health. Excessive face sweat may also be linked to a health condition. Seek medical counsel if all of these tips don’t work to escalate the issue.