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How to Get Rid Of Flaky Skin
Stop shedding like a snake: How to get rid of flaky skin!

How to Get Rid Of Flaky Skin


Stop shedding like a snake: How to get rid of flaky skin!

Human skin is considered to be the forefront of what’s inside the body. It serves as a coating, a protectant, a shield, a casing that holds blood in and everything else together. The skin is a vital component of the human body. Therefore, skin must be monitored and cared for every day. There are people whose skin is more sensitive than others. Regardless of skin sensitivity, anyone is susceptible to having flaky skin. Flaky skin can be a mild or severe situation. Whether it’s a serious case or not, there are ways of getting rid of flaky skin.
Avoid the Sun
The sun may be millions of miles away from the Earth. However, the power of the sun isn’t to be underestimated. Standing or sitting out in the sun without sunscreen will result in skin shedding. Even with sunscreen, flaky skin may still occur. Stay indoors whenever and as long as posslbe to allow time for your skin to stop being flaky and heal. If you need to go outside and it happens to be sunny, then be sure to wear sunscreen. This is to reduce further complications and provide at least some kind of protection.
Bathe with Warm Water
flaky skin removalBathing or showering with cold water will gradually freeze the skin and cause it to crack. Hot water will gradually make the skin dry. Therefore, washing with warm water will be ideal. Bathe or shower once a day. Your skin will dry up quickly and possibly blister if the body comes in contact with water often. Use unscented bars of soap to clean yourself with. Body wash or soaps that contain antibacterial agents are likely to do you more harm than good in the case of flaky skin.
When your throat’s dry, you drink water. Same principle applies to flaky skin. Jergen’s Lotion is a good moisturizer and would treat flaky skin well. Apply a nice coat of moisturize to the affected area(s) after getting out of a bath or shower. Be sure to dry yourself up before applying moisturizer. Do this once or twice daily after bathing or showering. Having a humidifier around will be a plus for when not bathing or showering.
Don’t apply any form of cosmetics to the affected area(s). They contain chemicals and other ingredients which may make the matter worse. If your flaky skin problem is paired with a rash, then take oatmeal baths with warm water in place of a regular bath. Seek medical attention if it’s more than just skin shedding (itchiness, swelling, redness, persistent rash, etc) and none of the mentioned tips work.