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How to Get Rid Of Insomnia

How to Get Rid Of Insomnia


You aren’t the only one with sleep issues.  You wake up in the middle of the night and lie in bed staring at the cealing the whole night.  These are some of the obvious reasons when you are suffering from insomnia.  This affects someones mood, health, productivity and its important that you find a solution to your insomnia problem. here are some ways where you can get rid of insomnia through different means such as Natural Remedies.

Natural Remedies 

It is important that insomnia should be treated with natural remedies.

1.  Get Confortable

2.  Stay in a Quiet Environment

3. Get Confortable beds

4.  Get rid of any light in the room.

5. No tv in the room, no food in the room.

6.  Stop Caffeine

7.  Stop Alchohol intake

8. Bed time Schedule should not change

9.  Take warm baths before bed

10.  Milk and Cookies before bed helps your insomnia

11. Bed time snack like a toas can help

12.  Meditation

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