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How to Get Rid Of Moles

How to Get Rid Of Moles

Vultures soar in the sky, looking down at us for food. Wasps and mosquitos float around, looking to break skin. Microscopic sand fleas lurk around at night on the beach and bite in swarms, leaving their victims with very itchy markings on the skin. When there are creatures threatening from above and the surface, there are creatures threatening from below. You have ants, rats, roaches, and moles. While moles may actually serve as an ally against other underground lurkers, they can be a nuisance to your front lawn, backyard, and/or garden. Like all pests and rodents, there are ways to rid your territory of moles.
Flood Them Out
Arguably the easiest method of getting rid of moles. That’s, of course, if you have a a water hose. Grab the water hose, find an active mole hill, insert the water hose into the mole hill, and crank up the water for 15-20 minutes. This will help flush the moles out.
mole removal
Stop by your local Home Depot or hardware store and inquire about mole traps. There are traps that kill moles. Some may just simply¬†help capture them. If stores don’t carry mole-catchers, then try searching online.
While poison is a speedy and guaranteed method of solving all pest problems, it can be hazardous to your lawn and garden. Remember to use poison in accordance to the directions that comes with the product.
Homemade Mole Repellent
It’s said that a mixture containing warm water, 1-2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, and 8-9 tablespoons of castor oil works on moles. Prepare the concoction and put in an empty spray bottle. Locate an active mole hill and spray the solution on the outside of it and inside.
To prevent moles from damaging your lawn and/or garden, have wired fencing installed around the premises before performing any kind of planting.