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How to Get Rid Of Piriformis

How to Get Rid Of Piriformis

If you are a Tennis player, runner, ball player, or if you walk a lot of stand a lot, you have probably experienced this discomfort that just stays with you and doesn’t want to go away whatever you do. If you have a numb tingling, burning sensation going down your leg toward the calf and sole of your foot. The pain comes and goes unpredictably, and performing athletic activity or playing tennis becomes almost impossible. It is not easy to relax because the pain makes itself reminded in everything you do.

The piriformis is a tiny muscle that originates on the sacrum and attaches on the femur. It accelerates hip external rotation, extension and abductions, which are the movements that you perform on the tennis court endlessly.

This problem is often caused by too much siting and inactive and weak glutes. The piriformis has to assist in the movements that the glutes should be doing and becomes overused and overactive. When we address this issue, your pain in the butt will go “magically” away. And the solution is not that difficult either.

Tight Piriformis

Piriformis is the largest of the six muscles in the hip that are responsible for external rotation of the leg. If you have your leg planted, the piriformis turns the body in the opposite direction, a movement that tennis players do repeatedly thousands of times. An overused and tight piriformis muscle causes a lot of misery and pain in your sacrum, glutes and hips. It will twist your sacrum a little bit, causing a short-leg syndrome that adds to the problem.
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