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How to Get Rid Of Shadows in Your Photography

How to Get Rid Of Shadows in Your Photography

To Get rid of Shadows in your photography, you should own or create a reflector. Which will give you the ability to achieve perfectly lit portraits, still lifes, macro shots and any other kind of image where the subject isn’t too big and you can get up close to it. Reflectors will help balance your image by adding light from the other side so that the shadows don’t appear too dense. Hold the reflector on the other side of your subject so it ‘bounces’ light back into the darker areas of shadow.
Commercially available reflectors usually have a highly reflective, matte white surface that gives even, neutral illumination. But you can also get other types that provide a range of different effects. For example, gold reflectors provide attractive, warm skin tones in portrait shots, while metallic silver foil finishes produce a bright, sparkling light.
Can’t afford, then make your own reflector – you just need two sheets of A3-size white foam board, available from most stationery stores. You then tape these together with masking tape. For smaller subjects, you can use it folded, while for larger subjects you can open it out to A3 to provide more fi ll-in light. The ‘hinge’ in the middle means you can stand the reflector up, which is ideal for table-top and still-life photography.
You can also use a sheet, some white paper or any other reflective surface in place of a proper reflector. You can even use a mirror, which will provide a mirror image – literally – of your main light source.
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