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How to Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes

How to Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes

Anyone is susceptible to smelly armpits, smelly breath, and smelly feet. These could embarrass someone very easily, whether they’re at home or in public. Fortunately, there are a handful of remedies that will get rid of these sort of things. This includes smelly shoes. Footwear is highly recommended and should be worn at all times for overall protection. As you wear shoes, sneakers, heels, or flip flops, your feet become moist. When there’s moisture, there’s bacteria. Bacteria can very well be the cause of smelly shoes. Lets see what can be done to get rid of those smelly shoes.
It would not be wise to stick with just one pair of shoes. The longer you wear a pair, the more moisture that gets trapped inside said pair of shoes. Purchase an extra pair or two of shoes and wear one pair one day and a different pair the following day. Give the shoes that you wore the day of 24 hours to dry.
Wash Shoes
You might be able to put your shoes in the washer and dryer. Read the label (can normally be found at the top of the tongue of the shoe on the inside. If you can’t, then there are other alternatives to cleaning your shoes.
smelly shoes removalBaking Soda
Baking soda is notorious for being an all-purpose cleaning agent. Sprinkle some baking soda on the inside of the opening where you insert your foot into the shoe. Do this at the end of the day when you’re no longer wearing the victimized pair of shoes. Apply baking soda every other day.
Clean Feet Are Good Feet
Not washing your feet will result in a bacteria motel. Combine improper washing of the feet and inappropriate socks, and you have extremely smelly shoes. Wash your feet thoroughly in the shower after washing every other part of your body. Wash them thoroughly; top, bottom, and in between the toes. Wear socks that are made of cotton or wool. Cotton and wool socks give your feet a chance to breathe and prevent shoes from encasing bacteria.
Performing these tips altogether will get rid of smelly shoes in no time! If your feet tend to sweat a lot, then rub down each foot with baking soda before putting on socks and wearing shoes. Don’t forget to change your socks at least once a day.