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How to Get Rid Of Static

How to Get Rid Of Static


Zap! How to Ground Yourself Out and Get Rid of Static

Static is created by the surface of our bodies, all the time. You lose static when you ground yourselves out. You could also discharge quickly by touching another object, or person. You probably have felt that zap when someone has touched you. Like a little electrostatic. To be well insulated, at least in electrostatic terminology, means that there is something keeping us from grounding out. We lose our surface charge when we ground out. When we ground out, we lose our surface charge. As insulators, we don’t conduct electricity well, but we can generate and hold onto it very well. However, static cling is a bit more complicated that just getting rid of our own static.

So in order to get rid of static we will have to ground ourselves out. So to decrease the amount of static created we have to take into account what creates the static in the first place. Clothing, carpets, humidity are the most popular ones out there.

Static Control Methods

Get a humidifier in your home. This will will add moisture to the air. This moisture will make your air more conductive, which will decrease the ability of things in your home to retain a static charge.
Clothing made from cotton. Some materials have a tendency to lose electrons and become positively charged. Cotton is a neutral material, so if you wear cotton, you won’t be as good at generating static. Rubber hiking boots.

Shoes that have good conductivity.

Shoes hat have good conductivity. Shoes that don’t conduct electricity well are known as insulators. The best insulating shoes would be made from glass, paper, or Teflon. But rubber like polymers and plastic are about as good as it gets. Try wearing rubber boots to eliminate and get rid of static.