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How to Get Rid Of Sweaty Hands
Get a Grip: Tips on Dealing with Sweaty Hands

How to Get Rid Of Sweaty Hands


Get a Grip: Tips on Dealing with Sweaty Hands

Sweating can interfere with a person’s life tremendously. This is setting aside the fact that people sweat due to exerting energy when exercising, playing sports, etc. There are people who don’t need to do anything in order to sweat. They can just simply sit or stand without doing much and still break a sweat. Of course, there are underlining factors in this kind of case. Some people get sweaty, or clammy hands. This type of sweat problem can be embarrassing, especially when out on a date. It can also interfere greatly with work or performing daily chores around the house.
Hand Wipes
There are hand wipes that contain alcohol or are alcohol-free with Vitamin E. Hand wipes help moisturize your skin positively and may resolve a mild case of sweaty hands. Try alcohol-free hand wipes first. Use them as needed, but not excessively. If those don’t work, then try hand wipes that contain alcohol. Alcohol cools and soothes skin immediately upon being applied to the skin. Sweat generally cools down skin. But when alcohol wipes come along, the sweat will be countered and your hands will become dry in your favor.
sweaty hands removalBotox
While botox may help with excessive armpit and facial sweating, it may very well resolve sweaty hands. The procedure will involve the hands being injected directly. Consequentially, the ingredients will prevent the nervous system from communicating with the sweat glands. Talk to a doctor first for counsel and more information regarding this method. One thing’s certain; Botox treatment may be ongoing. You may have to report to the doctor who administers botox twice a year to maintain the after-effect.
Oral Medication
A good alternative to Botox, which is far more expensive. Get a physical exam done first to help determine the root of the problem of your sweaty hands. The doctor can recommend certain medication that will trigger the nervous system and prevent it from reaching the sweat glands.
Sweaty hands can be related to nervousness, stress, and/or anxiety. Consider seeing a therapist for counseling. They are trained to help resolve these sort of things. Tell your therapist everything that they can use to suppress any psychological problem you may have and, perhaps, solve your sweaty hands issue.
When taking medication of any kind, be sure to follow the directions that are printed on the label of the container. Take as instructed. Don’t overdose, or you’ll have more problems on your sweaty hands!