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How to Get Rid Of Under-eye Bags

How to Get Rid Of Under-eye Bags

tea-bagsDo you have under -eye bags eyes?   Usually its due to aging, but also due to lack of sleep, or alergies or lack of water. The puffy eye bag, under your eyes makes you look like you are tired or sick at times.  Below are the best 4 ways to clear your Under-eye bags naturally
1. Drink Water
You need to get rid of toxins and salt from your system, by drinking water.   The Bags under your eyes are caused by water retention, because you probably have a lot of salt conecentrated in that specific area.  So drink lots of water to get rid of the salts in your system.
2.  Ice Tea it up  Y Instead of using cucumbers as methods to cover your eyes, its best you try freezing tea bags of natural tea like green tea, chamomile or peppermint for extra health benefits.
3. Cover it up.
This is for something short term, covering your bags or circles with makeup is a quick solution but short.  Make sure you talk to someone that knows about what they are doing or try and match the concealer with your skin tone. Use a brush and apply in the area you need to cover.

Use teabags. The tannin in the teabag can sometimes help ease down under-eye bags.