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How to Get Rid Of Shadows in Your Photography

To Get rid of Shadows in your photography, you should own or create a reflector. Which will give you the ability to achieve perfectly lit portraits, still lifes, macro shots and any other kind of image where the subject isn’t too big and you...

How to Get Rid Of Pavement Ants

If you see a dotted black line of ants towards any type of door in your house, then you just noticed some ants coming in. Pavement ants are especially active this time of year as they swarm up to mate. Unlike carpenter ants that can cause...

How to Get Rid Of Seasonal Allergies

Here are four strategies which could help you find out how get rid of seasonal allergies. 1. Replace bad with good. Avoid common toxic triggers like wheat, corn, dairy, soy and alcohol. Eat a whole foods, high-fiber diet that is rich in anti...


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