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How to Get Rid Of Mice IN Walls
Stop playing hide and squeak with mice in your walls - learn how to evict them like a pro!

How to Get Rid Of Mice IN Walls

Stop playing hide and squeak with mice in your walls – learn how to evict them like a pro!

Once you hear the scratching of mouse feet on the wall it’s time to go on the offensive to get rid of mice.  Once it starts to get colder outside, mice look for warmer places to move to usually garages or warm homes.
There are usually several ways mice can get into a house. Plugging up or patching these spots is like finding a needling in a hay stack, so we have to take extra preventive measures by using the exterminator system below.The system below is the same system exterminators use when they come out and you pay them hundreds of dollars. Trust me I know, I’ve paid it twice and then documented the second time so I didn’t have to pay $250 again 😉 I’m sharing it with you for FREE.
Getting Rid of Mice in the Wall

1. You will need two types of mice bait. First type is the Mice Bait Cubes. The second type are Mice Bait Wedge.
2. Locate and access the house attic.
3. Using the packets from step 1 spread those through out the attic. Note: You don’t actually have to walk into the attic, you can simply throw the bait cubes around the perimeter of the attic. Some exterminators reccomend adding a dash of peanut butter to the bait cubes because the mice can smell the peanut butter easier leading them to the bait cube fast. This is a good idea, but not 100% necessary!
4. Use the mice wedge bait from step 1 starting in the garage. It’s also a good idea to put a bait wedge on each side of the house. If you have pets it’s ideal to use a Mice Bait Box.
5. After setup is complete it takes about 5-7 days to take full effect. Generally after the mice ingest the bait they get really thirsty and go searching for water in the wild and do not return.
6. If the problem persists you may consider adding more bait packets to the attic and some more bait boxes around the perimeter of your house or building.
Mice in walls is a common problem and not something to be alarmed about. Generally they are field mice and harmless to humans and pets.