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How to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

How to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Stop Mosquitoes from Bugging You: Tips to be Bite-Free and Enjoy Summer Nights!

Mosquitoes are arguably one of the top things that commonly annoy many of us, if not all. Besides them being fairly invisible in the dark and sneakily latching onto your arms and legs, they leave that notorious bite which resembles a lump. Surrounding the lump is redness. And, that lump is accompanied by the urge to scratch it. Furthermore, mosquitoes carry various diseases. On the brighter side of things, mosquitoes are like all pests, in a way where they can be dealt with.

Wear Light and Loose (and long) Clothing

The more skin that you show, the easier you’re making it for mosquitoes to have access to it. You’d also be more likely to attract mosquitoes compared to someone who’s wearing more suitable clothing. Suitable clothing consists of a half-sleeve shirt and pants, not jeans! You may wear a tank top underneath, but not for a stand-alone article of upper torso attire. Don’t forget to apply deodorant and to wear socks. Mosquitoes may decide to land on and bite your feet if you wear footwear with open spaces in them (flip flops, crocs, and so on).


Repellant is always good to have if you want or feel the need for extra protection against mosquitoes. Before buying repellant, ensure that it’s effective against mosquitoes. Also, If you’re going to use repellant, then be sure to use the product in accordance to the instructions and warning that are on the label. There are more safer alternatives to repellant such as certain soap, tea tree oil, and citronella oil (plant-based insect repellant).

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Protect and Pull the Curtains Over Their Eyes

Ensure that the screens which accompany the windows have no openings that are big enough for mosquitoes to pass through. You may also want to consider using mosquito nets in junction with being attentive to holes in the window screens. If you have pets and you enforce the usage of kennels, then cover those with mosquito nets as well.

Don’t Let There Be Light

Like a majority of other flying insects, mosquitoes are attracted to light. Use LED light bulbs or yellow lights for any light fixtures you have inside and outside of your home to put this category of concerns to rest.
To further rid your life (and home) of mosquitoes, dump any “standing water” on the borders of your yard, or outside grass areas if possible. In speaking of grass, tend to it regularly. Mowing your yard normally will leave mosquitoes with one less option to choose as sanctuary and breed.