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How to Get Rid Of Pop-ups
Pop-up ads, the obnoxious ex we all want to get rid of. Here's how you can finally say goodbye for good.

How to Get Rid Of Pop-ups

Pop-up ads, the obnoxious ex we all want to get rid of. Here’s how you can finally say goodbye for good.

Almost every single person in the entire world uses the internet. It allows easy access of information on everything, grants two persons the ability to exchange files instantly, and gives families the opportunity to instantly email or message relatives. Businesses use the internet as well, but not in the way we favor. A good portion of the time, you’ll come across pop-ups as you surf the web. Pop-ups generally advertise a business or product. Most of the time, they’re accompanied by music or a person talking. You, as an internet user, are more than likely to “x” out of the pop-up. However, there’s more where that came from. Don’t fret, because there are ways of getting rid of pop-ups.
Pop-up Blocker
As pop-ups were on the rise, pop-up blockers began to develop. There are pop-up blockers that are available for free. If you’re using Google Chrome, then click on the icon that resembles three bold lines at the top right corner. It’s right next to the star that you click on to bookmark websites for later viewing. After clicking on the three bolded line icon, position the mouse cursor over “Tools” and click on “Extensions.”You’ll be taken to a screen that shows a list of add-ons, or apps, that are already installed. Click on “Get more extensions.” You’ll arrive at chrome web store. In the search box at the top left corner, type in “pop-up blocker.”
pop ups removalFor Firefox users, click on the orange tab labeled “Firefox” at the top left corner of the browser, followed by “add-ons.” If there are no pop-up blockers available for Google Chrome or Firefox, then do a Google or Bing search for “pop-up blocker add-ons.” Include the name of the browser that you’re using to receive better results.
Anti-virus Programs
Some viruses have the capability of causing pop-ups. To get rid of both the pop-ups and the virus, or viruses, that’s creating them, download and install Malware Bytes. It’s a free program that helps defend your computer against unwanted spyware, malware, and other technological invaders. Refer to the “Settings” tab and click on “Scanner Settings.” Ensure that all boxes are checked for an optimized scan. Be sure to do a full scan. A virus can corrupt any file on your computer and possibly affect other files. Norton Anti-virus and McAfee are also anti-virus programs which you may want to consider. You’d have to pay, however.
Pair these two tips together. Have a pop-up blocker and an anti-virus program at your disposal to maximize the removal of pop-ups.