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How to Get Rid Of Avg Secure Search

How to Get Rid Of Avg Secure Search

Breaking Up with AVG Secure Search: How to Get Rid of the Extra Software You Don’t Need

People download and install software or freeware on a daily basis. Downloading and installing apps within Firefox and Google became popular amongst PC users. There are all kinds of freeware products and apps available to one person. A person may get out of control and go on a freeware or app spree, installing programs without reading the prompts carefully. A good portion of these programs and apps include additional software, which can be free entirely or up to a certain point. AVG Secure Search is one of these programs that are “bundled.” While AVG Secure Search provides protection for your PC, you can get rid of it as you please.

Disabling AVG Secure Search in Internet Explorer

Although all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome) have similar menu layouts, menu navigation is quite different for each. To get rid of AVG Secure Search in Internet Explorer, click on the cog symbol on the top right corner underneath the “x” button. Next, click on “Manage add-ons.” Ensure that “Toolbars and Extensions” is selected under the “Add-on Types” window, which is the window on the left of the window containing a list of installed add-ons. Highlight “AVG Safe Search” in this window and click on the “disable” buttom at the bottom right corner.

Disabling AVG Secure Search in Firefox

Click on the orange rectangular Firefox tab on the very top left corner of the browser and click “Add-ons.” Next, access the “Extensions” section to locate “AVG Safe Search.” Highlight it to reveal the option to disable and/or uninstall. Of course, you’d choose “uninstall.” If that option isn’t available to you, then choose “disable.”

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Disabling AVG Secure Search in Google Chrome

Refer to the icon at the very top right corner. It resembles three bold lines and is adjacent to the “star” icon where you bookmark websites. Position your cursor over “Tools” after clicking on the three bold line symbol and click on “Extensions.” You’ll be taken to a list of add-ons that are apparently installed at the present time. Located “AVG Safe Search” in this page and click on the trash can to completely remove the add-on from Chrome.

You can try to get rid of AVG Secure Search via task manager or control panel and uninstalling or removing it from those sources. Press ctrl, alt, and del simultaneously to quickly access the task manager.