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How to Get Rid of a Mother-in-Law

How to Get Rid of a Mother-in-Law

Kick Your Mother-in-Law to the Curb with This Hilariously Absurd Guide!

Ah, the joys of marriage! You’ve found the love of your life, the perfect partner, and… the mother-in-law. She may have seemed charming at first, but now that you’re married, her true colors have emerged. If you’re desperate for a little space and a lot of laughs, look no further. We present to you this tongue-in-cheek guide on how to get rid of your mother-in-law in the most absurd ways possible.

The Disappearing Act

Begin by convincing everyone that it’s just not working out between your spouse and their mom. Complain about her alleged misdeeds, like pilfering food from the fridge, leaving messes, and avoiding housework. Your spouse might start to resent their mother, making them more likely to help you in your quest for freedom.

The Unwelcoming Home

Never invite your mother-in-law over. If she tries to visit, claim your house is too small and lacks room for additional guests. This tactic won’t last forever, but it’s a temporary escape that buys you time to plan your next move.

The Exclusive Brunch Club

Stop inviting her to family events. Instead, boldly suggest brunch with just the two of you and some of your friends. She’ll eventually get the hint that she’s not wanted and stop attending altogether.

The Purge

Remove all traces of your mother-in-law from your home. If she gave you a wedding present, sell it online and treat yourself to something you genuinely want. Dispose of any cards she sent and pack away any items that remind you of her. Out of sight, out of mind!

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The Anti-Mother-in-Law Squad

Make friends who are vastly different from your mother-in-law. Talk up how fantastic your friend Helen is, making your spouse appreciate your relationships even more. This might lead them to question why their mother doesn’t like you, further driving a wedge between them.

The Independence Ploy: Wean yourself off your spouse’s emotional dependence on their mom. By eliminating any need for them to spend time together, they’ll drift apart naturally. And once she’s out of the picture, your partner will have no one to rely on but you!


While these tactics are far-fetched and meant for amusement, in reality, it’s essential to communicate openly and honestly with your spouse about any issues with their mother. Remember that she’s a part of their life and will likely remain so, so it’s important to find a healthy way to manage your relationship with her. But when the going gets tough and you need a lighthearted escape, feel free to return to this guide for a chuckle or two.